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Mary Jamis, a lesbian woman, was ARRESTED yesterday after she and her partner sought a marriage license in North Carolina. 

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Arrested for attempted marriage? Excuse me?

Ok while the whole idea of getting arrested because they were trying to get married is fucking ludicrous, at the same time, it was just made illegal. It was big news and everyone knows about it, including them, I’m sure. If you go do something illegal, you get arrested. I don’t agree with the idea of gay marriage being illegal obviously, but you have to have some sense and realize that though NC made a stupid decision on a law, they still have to uphold it, because it’s the law. You break it, they have to prosecute.

I hope these women get released and move elsewhere where they can marry and be a loving family in peace with the same rights as anyone else, because NC? This is ridiculous.

Actually, homosexual marriage has been banned in NC for a long time. What they did was take away rights for domestic unions- INCLUDING those of heterosexuals. Now only MARRIAGES get all the benefits. No civil unions, REGARDLESS of sexual orientation.

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    This is WRONG. FUCK North Carolina!!
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    THIS is why I hate certain parts of America… WTF?
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    One day we will have equality, just not today :(
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    shit, the woman in the back with the beiber hair cut is probably a lesbian too!! she should feel guilty.
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