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this is a cosplay

there is a dude on a hoveround inside this

it makes sounds and plays music and everything moves and lights up

This is the best cosplay ever.

SJB, are you seeing this? Cosplay within a cosplay.

#because you know that some daleks are secret fanboys#because he has been a part of their mythology for eons #and the oncoming storm is just too badass for a young #impressionable #teenage dalek to just ignore #and it’s taboo to talk about him #of course #so the little dalek just makes up stories inside his little dalek head about the Doctor coming and seeing that this dalek isn’t like the… #and taking him on grand adventures #and teaching him to fly and move around without his armor #and they would be great friends #but the little daleks parents forbid him to have posters or trading cards (made out of angry dalek news reports and intergalactic Wanted … #and so he secretly makes his own Doctor costume #or she #whatever #it #makes its own Doctor costume #because it once saw the 4th Doctor after a run-in #when it was very young #and so it makes a costume in secret #and its parents find out and kick it out of the house #and it travels the universe alone #and then ends up at Comic-Con #where all is well and everyone loves the cosplaying Dalek #and it meets up with a Klingon cosplaying Spock #and they become best friends #the end.

Best. Tags. Ever.

Besides the tags being the best thing ever… I’m so tempted to take my Dad’s old Hoveround and do something like this, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

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