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BBC’s Bad Wolf→ a Doctor Who spinoff about Rose and the metacrisis Doctor building their life together in Pete’s World (and beyond). 

Now you see them, on some planet, Earth perhaps, but likely not. You see them emerge from a police box and you wonder what these two people—one blonde with pink cheeks and the other lanky with tussled brown hair—were doing in that big blue box. The rings gleam on their left fingers as he takes her hand. The woman looks up, smiling with her tongue curling over her teeth and lip. 

You see them skip over to some market, chatting with the locals, and in-between, catching the other’s eye and pressing kisses to lips and hands. You look at their love and are envious. 

But what you, standing just meters from where that blue box appeared, don’t see is the time it took them to get there, you don’t see the struggle. You don’t see him—the Doctor—forgetting to sleep or her—Rose—berating him, begging him to be less reckless. He only has one life, after all. 

You don’t see them piecing together their lives after being viciously ripped from another, working on what it means to be in love in a different world with a different set of hearts, only two between the both of them this time. You don’t see the months, the years it takes to grow their own TARDIS, replacing trips to Woman Wept with an airplane to Italy. And you don’t see them come to realize that, even after all this time, some pint of the Bad Wolf still lives in her. And as he is part Time Lord, both of them age far slower than their human bodies ought to. 

But here they are now. Off in the cosmos, you get this odd feeling that these strangers you’re watching are exactly as they should be: in some market, on some foreign land, together.

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