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#he’s telling unfair legislation that it shall not pass

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Humans have not yet invented words to describe my love for this man.

I wish that one day I could be as cool as Ian McKellen.

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I’m lesbian

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13 Photos From Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Marriage

Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting wed Saturday in a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Their union still isn’t recognized by the Taiwanese government, though support for gay marriage is mounting across Asia.

By Jessica Testa on Buzzfeed

Buddhist Master Shih Chao-hwei performed the ceremony, giving the women his full support: “I am certain you will lead a life of happiness together, especially after you have overcome so much difficulty and societal discrimination,” he said. “You have blessings not only from the Buddha, but also from those whom you may or may not know who are in attendance.”

Stuff like this makes me happy/contented to get up in the morning.
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“When gays get so angry about a chicken sandwich, it is because Chick-fil-A has given around $5 million to fight to discriminate against us. When we praise brave Eagle Scouts who give up their badges in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s prejudice, it’s not about scoring political points; it’s because there are kids in dens who are being taught to believe that they are less than equal. When we rant about the pastor who preaches that gays should be thrown into a concentration camp, we scream out of fear. And our fears are justified — in the last seven days, a lesbian in Nebraska was carved with a knife, a gay man in Oklahoma was firebombed, and a girl in Kentucky was kicked and beaten — her jaw broken and her teeth knocked out — while her assailants allegedly hurled anti-gay slurs at her.”

- Conor Gaughan - “We Are Not Arguing Over Chicken” (Huffington Post)


This weekend, activists in Uganda - a country where homosexuality is punishable by death - held their first Pride. 

This is the epitome of courage. I have no other words. 



Gay rights activists: known universally for their awesome signs

The last one is perfect

THE LAST ONE! JUST YES!!! God, gay people are so cool…

I love our signs!!


So I wore my gay pride shirt to school today.

And in chemistry class I was talking to my friend, Jack, about a gay pride festival I went to. My teacher, stupid nosy bitch, decides she wants to join in on the conversation. She asks me what I’m talking about so I turned around and her reaction was to make a noise of utter disgust. She asked me to go to the main office and get a different shirt. But being the rebel that I am, I told her very politely “no, if you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it. It’s my shirt, not yours, and there’s nothing wrong with it.” She told me again that I needed to change my shirt. I said again that I wasn’t and she told me she would have to send me to my administrator for direct disrespect. So I put on a big smile and packed my stuff up while she wrote the discipline report up.

But the thing that made me so happy that I didn’t give in and change was that as I was walking out the door a girl in my class stood up and started to walk with me. My teacher was kinda pissed and told her that she would get a write up if she didn’t sit down. And this girl, she is my fucking hero. She says: “Write me up then. It’s one more story that I can go home and tell my mothers. And I’m sure my girlfriend would love to hear it, too.” Then she smiled and walked out. I just felt the need to share what happened today with my lovely followers. 

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Dear JC Penny:

Target has pledged $120,000 in cash to promote the legalization of homosexual marriage.


Just saw this in an email from one of my professors who is an adviser for the Lesbian and Gay Vet Med Association at school. Target’s website says it will donate 100% of T-shirt sales from customers during the month of June to Family Equality Council. 

See the t-shirts here.

The big thing about it though is that this has been going around anti-gay organizations, and they’re rallying people to complain to the higher-ups at Target and even boycott their store, just like what happened with the Girl Scouts when they allowed a trans* girl join.

So we need to try to support Target in this if we can. If you can’t go buy a shirt, you can email them at to show your support. It will only take a few minutes, and it’s for a cause that I think is really near and dear to a lot of us here. Signal boost please? I can’t reach enough people with this on my own.

I usually don’t talk about stuff like this on my show, but I really want to thank everyone who’s supporting me. And if you don’t know me very well, if you’re just watching maybe for the first time, or you’re just getting to know me, I wanna be clear and here are the values that I stand for: I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That’s what I stand for. (x)