A lot of Chuck Norris fans have come to the sad realisation that he’s not as kickass-awesome as they all thought now that he’s launched a campaign to keep gay people out of the US Boy Scouts.

The 72-year-old action star has written an article for AmmoLand.com (yes, that’s a website about ammunition) titled, “Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?”

Chuck, a staunch Republican, is opposing a movement to overturn the century-old rule that bans gay scouts and scout leaders from joining the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

And he reckons it’s all “pro-gay” Barack Obama’s fault. […]

can we bring back chuck norris facts? but can we make them totally insulting to him, with a heavy focus on his homophobia?

that wouldn’t be bad.

chuck norris fact #4567: chuck norris is such a douchebag he can make large numbers of children feel crummy about themselves

 #fuck norris