you will remember me for centuries.
I'm a nerd in my late twenties with a degree in studio art that I am currently not using. You'll see mostly anime and game shit and a bit of pairing stuff, though I tend to save the hardcore shit for my NSFW side blog.

I try to tag everything fairly consistently. I am a multishipper, so I might post your NOTP; if there's anything you need me to tag or want to know how i tag for any reason, you can ask me.

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crayon aoba-chan„,



I have received permission from the artist and repost their work. { x }


Happy Halloween!
Levi and co. are going as the Batfam. =w=

Maybe it’s gonna be my thing to draw anime characters in superhero costumes every year.


"Out of the sea, wish I could be part of your world…"

its all kaji yuki’s (eren’s voice actor) fault with his amazing singing!! (╯°□°)╯


i finally finished the tarzan AU!

i was gonna put Kenny Ackerman as the bad guy, but i got lazy and it would’ve taken me longer and i’ve been procrastinating a lot with this. Oh well…

btw, just in case you were wondering… Hanji went back to England and married Moblit

dedicated to frannini <3


i’ve learnt to draw the nudist beach uniforms im unstoppable


if you don’t watch parks and recreation you should

let’s talk about a howl’s moving castle eruri au.

because levi vehemently cleaning erwin’s magical house that moves is something I neED.


"You see the hat, Levi!? I’m Mrs. Nesbitt!"

(full idea credit to a customer of mine at Anime Cali. You got a friend in me, man. Thanks)