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I'm a nerd in my late twenties with a degree in studio art that I am currently not using. You'll see mostly anime and game shit and a bit of pairing stuff, though I tend to save the hardcore shit for my NSFW side blog.

I try to tag everything fairly consistently. I am a multishipper, so I might post your NOTP; if there's anything you need me to tag or want to know how i tag for any reason, you can ask me.

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Rose Tyler

“I only take the best. I’ve got Rose.”


I spent Christmas Day just over there, the Powell Estate. With this… family.

My friend, she had this family. Well, they were..

Still… gone now.


Whenever I see a gif of Rose standing on the beach crying where the doctor left her, I just want to kinda crawl in a hole and see how long it takes me to die.