Tag your posts.


Honestly, I don’t care what the hell you post, just tag it so Tumblr Savior can do it’s damn job. I’m not perfect, and I know I miss a few posts myself, but Itry.

So please, some courtesy. If your post is covered in tits, ass, and/or dicks: tag it nsfw. Gore/horror? Tag your shit. Contains spoilers or a has a link that leads to something that contains spoilers? For the love of god, tag it.

It’s not hard. I promise. And your followers will thank you.

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Tumblr savior can’t save me from the posts I don’t want to see because people don’t tag their shit




This is honestly my favorite Thor moment. He has no idea what that thing is, where he is, what’s going on, but he’s eating pancakes, and the chick with the taser is pointing another electrical thing at him and there are faces on books, but he’s eating pancakes, and yea he’s knows he’s sexy, so yea, he’ll smile.

#Thor doesn’t get enough love #he’s like this huge handsome teddy bear with long lucious locks of golden hair #and he’s sweet and courteous and would tell you bedtime stories about the nine realms

perfect tags are perfect

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