what demon do I have to make a deal with so that audio posts work on my phone?

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Anyone else experiencing issues with the mobile app?

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"Let me just get on the computer really quick to check something…"

Ugh I hate getting all excited about receiving an ask and it’s just a bot pitching a scam diet.

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Seeing a beautiful photoset… but then the text on it is in Papyrus.

Ok I keep seeing babblr posts and it’s kind of a red flag for me that it implies that after it launches it will no longer be free. Can anyone provide links that it is in fact affiliated with tumblr and not a scam? I’m just wary.

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wondering how many miles I’ve scrolled on tumblr

and i would scroll 500 miles and i would scroll 500 more

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with uploading images to side accounts? I can upload to my main account just fine, but my side accounts are being odd.

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Apparently I can’t add photos to any of my posts. Thanks tumblr for sucking. Normally I don’t hate an update, but this has been, by far, the worst update ever. I’ve had nothing but problems.

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