My Most Common Tags: A List for Easy Black/Whitelisting

Please note that fandoms I am less active in are not on this list. All anime is tagged with #anime and the anime’s title—the full title in Japanese in most cases (ex. ao no exorcist rather than blue exorcist). All videogames are tagged under #gaming. Everything else is simply tagged with its respective title, I do not have have a ‘films/movies’ or ‘tv shows’ tag.

If I post something that triggers you, or that you just don’t like, you have two options: 1. You can politely inform me and ask me to tag it a certain way so that you can blacklist it (ex. I do not tag pairing names inside my otp tag, but if you really hate, say, eruri… I can start tagging it as such). 2. Unfollow, though I’m really not that mean and I don’t mind having to tag something for you!! Please use this only if it’s a total deal-breaker that I like something you can’t stand.